Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good News!! Twice!!

First, my daughter Ashli  received three high school awards last night including high honors!  She graduates June 12th.  Second my daughter Kristina is moving in for a month and a half while her husband Andrew ships off on a sub with the Navy for 6 weeks!  So I get to see not only my daughter for 6 weeks but my adorable grandson Connor.  I am so happy : )
On the stitching front I have not been stitching as much as I want to but every little bit counts : )  Here is how much more I got done on Fred.

The first was my last update and the second is my update for today.  I don't really like the pic because the flash was on.


  1. Hi
    Congrats to your daughter and how nice to have the other one stay for a while.

    Your Wip is looking great!

  2. Hi Milly! Thanks so much ! Yes I am so excited : )