Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I Am Not Stitching!

Well, I am stitching but very sloooowly because I have shingles.  Where do I have them?  Under my right shoulder so with the pain of the condition you have the pain tingling and numbness.  Since it is my right shoulder, The pain and numbness is down my right arm.  I can stitch a little at a time. I have been stitching on the mystery stitch but not enough to post.  Maybe tomorrow.  Shingles, the symptoms are BAD!!! I have had pain and numbness  in my arm to my hand for the past week and the rash is still here but scabbed over.  Everyone please get a shot even if you have not had the chicken pox because I never had them.  They state in the ad if you have had chicken pox get the shot but I am one with shingles and never had the virus!

Ok news today is.....very hot and humid while I delivered mail today but it was an easy day today.  So happy I am off from now until Thursday after the Holiday!
Have a great Holiday

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